Ukraine revisited

The war in central Europe impacts on equity markets directly through the price of oil and grains. But it has a much deeper and longer-term significance because it is essentially a war between democracy and autocracy – literally good and evil. It is a perennial battle that has been going on since the beginning of time and is the subject of all our religions, legends, and

Rising Oil

The oil price remains a major factor in the world economy, determining inflation levels and impacted directly by the growth of gross domestic product (GDP) in first world countries. Viewed as a whole the world economy is still very heavily dependent on oil despite the move towards renewable energy. Any move towards accelerated growth is immediately

Nampak Rights Offer

A couple of weeks ago we published an article about Nampak’s turnaround and the fact that we had added it to the Winning Shares List (WSL) on 26th July 2023 at a price of R186 per share. After that, the share went up strongly reaching a high of R304 on 4th September 2023. That was a gain of 63% in under six weeks.