Winning Shares List

The Winning Shares List (WSL) is compiled by the staff of PDSnet from the research that they do into shares listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. It is meant as a guide for further research by the clients of PDSnet. Historically about 70% of the shares on the WSL have gone up after they were added to the list.

All investors should have a strict stop-loss strategy which prevents them from holding onto shares which are falling. As a private investor you should have an absolute rule that you do not lose more than 15% on any share market investment – ever. And that should include your dealing costs of about 3%. This implies that, until an investment is “in-the-money”, your stop should never be more than 12% below the price you paid or the highest price that the share has reached since you bought it.

If you adhere to a strict stop-loss strategy then you must be successful in the share market because you will never lose more than 15% on your losers, while you will make as much as several hundred percent or more on your winners.

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