List of Opinions

The PDSnet opinions give a current overview of every listed company and are updated in response to messages on the Stock Exchange News Service (SENS), ur own in-house analysis and articles appearing in the media.

Each opinion gives the company’s nature of business, a summary of its most recent financial statements, a view of its technical (charting) position and our opinion as to its value at the current market price.

The Opinions are updated for interim and final reports as well as quarterlies, trading statements and trading updates. They cover every share listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

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Salungano, previously Wescoal, engages in the mining and trading of coal. The company began production in 2021 producing coal from its Moabsvelden mine for Eskom.... read more


Sibanye (SSW) is a mining house which has been on a rapid acquisition trail accumulating platinum and gold mines in South Africa and America and is now broadening... read more


This is a very thinly traded mining exploration company. It bought two gold projects in the DRC in 2020. In its results for the year to 28th February 2022 the... read more


Crookes Brothers (CKS) is an agricultural and property company which was formed in 1913 and listed on the JSE in 1948. The company produces sugar cane, bananas,... read more


Visual International Holdings (VIS) is a small, cash-strapped property development company operating in the Cape Town area. The company announced on 2nd July 2018... read more


Lighthouse Capital (LTE) (previously Greenbay) was one of the Resilient group of REIT's (real estate investment trusts) along with Resilient itself, Rockcastle... read more


Nictus (NCS) is a furniture and electrical appliance retailer with three stores in South Africa. It also sells short-term insurance through Corporate Guarantee.... read more


Exxaro (EXX) is South Africa's BEE coal company with interests in iron and heavy minerals. It has interests in Australia, America and Europe. It is a provider... read more


WBHO (WBO) is now South Africa's largest construction company - after the relative demise of Aveng and Murray & Roberts. It has a market capitalisation of... read more


Datatec (DTC) is an international IT and telecommunications company operating in more than fifty countries. It operates in the United States, South America, Europe,... read more


The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) is listed on the JSE. It is a securities exchange which allows the trade of shares, bonds and derivatives. It has approximately... read more


Hudaco (HDC) is an importer and supplier of "automotive, industrial and consumer products" mostly in Southern Africa. Its business has two sides (1) supplying... read more


PBT Group (PBG) is a fledgling IT company in the general finance sector. It has operations in South Africa and Europe, having recently exited operations in the... read more


Hyprop (HYP) is a leading property real estate investment trust (REIT) that specialises in high-quality shopping malls in South Africa and some interests in Eastern... read more


Emira Property (EMI) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) which has substantial exposure to the South African economy through its office properties. It owns... read more


Etion (ETO), previously Ansys, is an Alt-X listed technology company that started 31 years ago and listed on the JSE in June 2007. It seeks to capitalise on the... read more


Argent (ART) is a manufacturer and beneficiator of steel and aluminium products supplying a wide range of businesses in South Africa. It also has operations in... read more


Safari (SAR) is a real estate investment trust (REIT). The company owns 7 operational properties in South Africa - 8 retail outlets and one day-care center with... read more


Grindrod (GND) is an international freight and financial services company which operates in twenty-eight countries. In mid-June 2018, Grindrod unbundled and separately... read more


Impala Platinum Holdings (IMP), or Implats, is the world's third largest platinum group metals (PGM) producer. It has been suffering over the past 7 years from... read more