Online Technical Analysis Stock Market Software

PDSnet Online offers affordable and efficient online technical analysis software, enabling you to analyse the stock market at any time and from any device. Get 15 minute delayed JSE pricing and full technical analysis features on your phone, tablet or computer for the low price of R79 per month.

Any Device, Any Time

Runs off your browser giving you access from any device at any time.

Wherever You Go

Stay up-to-date with your investments while on the move.

Take Advantage

Don’t miss opportunities in the market.

Time Your Transactions

Choose the best shares at the best times for the highest profits.

Available On:

Windows, Apple, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets & Smartphones

Features Include

6     Only R79 a month

6     No contracts – cancel anytime

6     15 minute delayed JSE prices

6     High quality database of prices, indices and other data streams

6     Multiple charting styles

6     User-friendly platform from any device

6     Technical analysis indicators

6     Continuous enhancements and development

Data Provided

Data includes all JSE indices, equities, financial futures, agricultural futures, warrants, international market indices, unit trusts, ETFs, currencies and commodities.

Data is End-of-Day and 15 Minutes Delayed.

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