Stock Market Investment Clubs Made Easy

(Invest with your friends)

Want to belong to a small group of friends or colleagues who work together to be successful in the share market?


High-quality shares on the JSE regularly go up by 30% per annum or more and have generally doubled their value every four-and-half years for the past 30 years.

Are your savings doing that?

They could be. With our FREE software, you and a few of your friends could be investing in top quality blue chip shares on the JSE.

By clubbing together in an investment club, you can keep your dealing costs low and benefit from each other’s experience and knowledge.

In an investment club, you can overcome the problem of not:

  • having enough to invest.
  • knowing where to start or which shares to buy.

You can own shares in your favourite companies on the JSE, the ones you personally interact with and understand.

Our Investment Club software solves all the problems of running a stock market investment club.

How Does it Work?

Our Investment Club software allows a group of people to invest different amounts on different days, while keeping track of the value of their individual investments.

Members buy and sell units in the investment club at a unit price calculated daily by the software and based on the JSE prices of the shares that the investment club holds.

Members meet regularly to talk about the market and decide on where to invest.

And the nice thing is that it’s free!!

The Benefits of a Stock Market Investment Club

Investment Clubs enable you to:

  • share the risk of investing in the share market with your friends and colleagues.
  • invest whatever you can afford either as a lump sum or in regular monthly payments.
  • learn about the share market and investment from your fellow investment club members.
  • share the research and reading which is necessary to run a portfolio of shares.