1 June 2016 By PDSNET

The largest stock exchange in the world, located in New York City on Wall Street. Wall Street is a nick name for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) - because it is located on Wall Street in New York. The NYSE apparently began under a buttonwood tree where investors and traders came to trade securities in about 1792.  The NYSE is also one of the last "open-outcry" stock markets left in the world. Specialist brokers "make a market" in a particular share and are located at a "trading post" during the trading day. Buyers and sellers congregate and deals are done. Many deals are also done electronically. As a private investor, Wall Street is important because all the markets of the world tend to follow whatever happens on the NYSE. The best index to use to follow the NYSE is the S&P500 - which is a weighted average of the 500 largest companies trading on Wall Street. If that index is falling or in a bear trend the high probability is that all the other stock markets of the world, including the JSE, will also be falling - and vice versa.

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