12 May 2016 By PDSNET

The primary securities exchange in South Africa. The Johannesburg Stock Exchange, the futures and options markets and the bond market are all part of the Johannesburg Securities Exchange. There are now four other exchanges which have recently begun operating in South Africa and competing with the JSE - the 4AX, the 2AX, the ZAR X and the EESE (Equity Express Securities Exchange). Of these the A2X, which has recently scored the secondary listing of Sanlam (the JSE's 14th largest company) is the most likely to threaten the JSE's dominance. The JSE is by far the largest exchange with around R15 trillion in transactions per annum. It is also the largest stock exchange in Africa and the 17th largest in the world. The JSE has produced a comprehensive set of rules for listed equities which you can find at: To find out more about the JSE go to their web site at The JSE itself is also listed on the JSE and its shares trade just like any other share. Consider the chart:

SE Share Price
JSE Share Price October 2017 to March 2018

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