To secure your financial freedom, you need to make your money grow.  This means beating inflation and making good, if not excellent, returns on your savings. We have developed a Financial Freedom Calculator, which allows you to enter your starting capital (enter a negative figure if you have debt), your monthly salary, the expected return on your investments, the percentage of your salary that you are able to save, and the estimated inflation rate (automatically set).

Once you have entered in your details and clicked on calculate, you’ll be given the amount of time, in years and months, that it will take you to reach financial independence – that point where the income from your investments is greater than your salary.

We have included a spreadsheet in this calculation so that you can see year by year how your money will grow if you stick to the predetermined figures already captured.

Having more income from your investments than your salary is said to be the first level of financial independence, and this should be your goal in your investments.