List of Glossary Terms

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One of three types of Japanese candlestick charts that does not have time on the horizontal axis.
27 - 07 - 2020
Kaap Agri (KAL) is an agricultural company owned 40,9% by Zeder, which is, in turn, 43,7% held by PSG. The company operates through over 190 retail outlets offering a wide... read more
A linear system in which the mean squared error between the desired and the actual output is minimised when the input is a random signal. The filter is named after Rudolf E. Kalman, though Thorvald... read more
17 - 09- 2020
KAP International Holdings (KAP) is a diversified industrial company which produces and markets timber, chemicals (PET and related chemicals), bedding and car parts. It also... read more
26 - 09 - 2020
Kibo (KBO) is an African-orientated energy exploration company listed on the AIM (Alternative Investment Market) on the London Stock Exchange and on the Alt-X (Alternative... read more
18 - 09 - 2020
Kaydav (KDV) sells compressed wood-based panelling to the construction industry through outlets in Gauteng, Western Cape and Natal. It also sells packaging materials and machinery... read more
A day with a much wider range of trade than usual which occurs at the top or bottom of a cycle. When a key reversal day occurs at the top of a cycle, prices open in new highs and then close below... read more
Keynes was a British economist who devloped the "monetarist" school of thought in economics. He is well known for publishing a book, "The General Theory of Employment Interest and Money" in which... read more
This is a scheme which was launched at a conference held in Kimberley in 2000 and was subsequently the subject of a United Nations resolution to certify rough diamonds. The objective was to stop... read more
A report on corporate governance and the duties of directors which has been accepted by the JSE as applying to all listed companies. The king report is now in its 3rd version and the... read more
29 - 07 - 2020
Kumba (KIO) is a highly successful iron mining operation which is owned (79%) and controlled by Anglo American. The share price doubled from R250 in December 2018 to levels... read more
Developer of a wave theory. The Kondratieff Cycle is a theory based on a study of nineteenth century price behaviour which included wages, interest rates, raw material prices, foreign trade,... read more
A gold coin containing exactly one ounce of gold in the form of "royal gold" which is 8.3% copper. The copper is added to make the coin harder so that it cannot easily be "sweated" or "clipped".... read more
09 - 10 - 2020
PSG Konsult (KST) is a well-established financial services group which grew out of PSG's stockbroking business and which now offers a wide range of financial services including... read more
Indicator developed by Martin Pring. A weighted summed rate of change oscillator. Four different rates of change are calculated, smoothed, multiplied by weights and then summed to form one indicator.... read more
Descriptive measure of how flat or pointed a distribution is. In probability theory and statistics, kurtosis is a measure of the "peakedness" of the probability distribution of a real-valued... read more