Near Equities

An equity or ordinary share is one which shares in the risk and returns of a company. Most of the shares listed on the JSE are ordinary shares which rise and fall in price as the company’s potential profits (and hence the prospect for dividends) fluctuate. This is compared to other types of investments like redeemable

NEPI Rockcastle

Real estate investment trusts (REIT) offer an attractive investment opportunity for private investors at the moment. Many are trading below their net asset value (NAV) and those assets mostly consist of very secure properties which are independently valued.

NEPI Rockcastle is a REIT that specializes in owning and managing

Momentum in Charts

When you throw a tennis ball high into the air, before it reaches its highest point, it begins to slow down – it loses upward momentum. The same principle applies in the progress of a chart.

When a new upward cycle commences, it usually comes after a protracted downward trend and initially there may be considerable buying energy.

The Mid-term Budget

The mid-term budget policy statement (MTBPS) is presented to Parliament by the Minister of Finance in late October or early November each year. It provides an updated forecast of how the government plans to proceed financially over the next three years.

Most large companies make regularly updated forecasts of how they see their business performing