In the past ten years, cryptocurrencies (“cryptos”) have become perceived as an alternative asset class on the international investment stage. They have the advantage that they are independent of any government control and the disadvantage that they do not represent any tangible asset or income stream.

The value


The story of Nampak is a classic of a solid blue-chip share and institutional favourite which became over-confident, over-extended itself and got mired in excessive debt. Then, finally, after 8 years of anguish and decline followed by an abrupt change of management, the company returned to the sound business principles of cutting debt through:


Six weeks ago, on the 3rd of July 2023, we started the Winning Shares List (WSL) as a mechanism to help clients with their share selections. The idea of the list is that we add shares as our analysis shows that they have potential to go up by at least 30% per annum, excluding their dividends.

Our analysis, as always, is


Astoria (ARA) is an investment holding company listed on the Alt-X of the JSE and also on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM). It has a market capitalization of R614m and trades on a P:E ratio of 15,14 – which compares to the JSE’s average P:E of 10,48.

The share is currently trading at a 22% discount