A New Perspective

Sometimes in technical analysis it is possible to gain a better understanding of what is happening in the markets by stepping back and considering the long-term context of where we are now.

The S&P500 index rose to 4565 on Wednesday last week, which is only 4,8% below its all-time record high of 4796 made on 3rd January

The US Economy

The year-on-year core consumer price index (CPI) in America for June 2023 came in at 4,8% which is a sharp reduction from May’s figure of 5,3% and shows that inflation in America is slowly coming under control. Core CPI excludes the volatile food and energy sectors and is the Federal Reserve Bank’s (the Fed) preferred measure of inflation when considering changes

The Winning Shares List

Private investors typically have a major problem with share selection. Out of the three hundred or so shares now listed on the JSE, they find it difficult to pick out those shares which represent the best opportunities to make a capital gain.

Many of the shares trading on the JSE have very thin volumes which makes