The JSE includes a disproportionate number of listed property companies and real estate investment trusts (REIT). Property is a sector which used to be very popular, but which has now become unfashionable among institutional fund managers and investors.

The great benefit of property companies as an investment

Time to buy Capitec?

The S&P500 index is my benchmark for the stock markets of the world including the JSE. When it is rising consistently, as it now appears to be, then experience tells me that the other markets of the world will follow. The fundamentals of the US economy still appear shaky to me because of the impending recession and rising interest rates.

Bull Trend?

Arguably, one of the most important, and at times most difficult, questions which a private investor has to answer is:

Are we in a bull trend or a bear trend?

It is important because during a bull trend up to 80% of shares will go up and during a bear trend up to 80% will