Monthly Archives: April 2018


One of the most interesting smaller shares on the JSE is Cartrack (CTK). This company specialises in the vehicle security business and has operations all over the world. Its client base is growing steadily as more and more people seek to secure their vehicles cheaply using modern tracking technology. In the year to February the company increased its subscription revenue by 19% to R1,2 billion. The company has an amazing operating margin of 33% which translates into headline earnings of more than 100c per share. Read More


On the 21st of February this year we wrote an article about Resilient and urged you to apply a 65-day exponentially smoothed moving average (65-day E) to get a useful buy signal. At that time the share was at R78 and the 65-day E was at R120.

Since then there has been much written in the press about Resilient and it has become even more difficult for the private investor to ascertain exactly what is happening or what the truth is about the company. Read More

The Rand

For any South African private investor, the strength of the rand against hard currencies like the US dollar is a critical component. Many of our major blue chip shares have significant interests overseas – and those that don’t are major exporters of raw materials in one form or another. A share like Naspers is a direct function of the price of its major subsidiary, Tencent – but the rand remains a key component of its share price moves. The same can be said for Investec or many property shares which have significant overseas holdings. Read More

Using Market Carpets

As a private investor, you need to find good quality shares which are under-priced and have the potential to rise without significant risk. One of the best ways to do this is to watch the movement of the various JSE sectors and their yields.

The ShareFriend Pro software has an excellent feature that gives you a clear overview of the performance of the various sectors in the market. We call it a “Market Carpet”. Read More

Support on the S&P

We have always advocated following the progress of Wall Street by watching the S&P500 index because what happens there has a direct impact on the JSE. This has been very apparent over the past two weeks. The S&P500 is in a correction which took it down 10% in just nine trading days between its record high on 26th January and the low of 2581 on 8th February. Consider the chart: Read More