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Record High

By now, we hope that you are an avid watcher of the S&P500 index. If not you can follow this index on your ShareFriend software or, for the minute-by-minute progress on https://finance.google.com/finance?q=INDEXSP:.INX.

The reason for following the S&P is that it is the best indicator of bull and bear markets. If the largest 500 companies on Wall Street are in a bull trend then it is a virtual certainty that other world markets including our own are also in a bull trend – or will be soon. Read More

Using the OB/OS with Gold

The price of gold is set overseas, specifically by the two London fixings each day and the international spot markets. In South Africa, our gold shares have to contend with a volatile gold price as well as all the problems of mining in this country – strike action, uncertain legislation, faulting, friability of rock, deep level mining etc.. The combination makes them extremely volatile and risky. It is very difficult to know or find out what the important factors are for any particular mining group, especially if you have little or no expertise in mining. Read More